Arbolope Studio is an award-winning landscape architecture and urban design firm based in St. Louis, Missouri ( MO ), USA

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Arbolope Studio is an award-winning landscape architecture, urban design and public art practice based in St. Louis, MO. Founded in 2015, we work with a variety of clients including universities, institutions, corporations, and communities, at scales ranging from intimate parks to large-scale urban plans.

Our goal is to create innovative, sustainability-minded, and impactful landscapes that help make a happier, healthier and more connected world. A MBE and WBE firm certified in the City of St. Louis, we believe in creating enduring relationships with every client and the diverse communities that they serve.

Team Members

We are design practitioners with a wide range of backgrounds including landscape architecture, urban design, sculpture, painting, horticulture, architecture and music.

Annette Kaye Simpson

Business Administrator

Born and raised in South St. Louis, Annette's father was a biology teacher and she learned to appreciate nature because of him. She attended St. Louis University for business and has worked in business administration and information technology roles throughout her career. When not in the office she loves to walk in Tower Grove Park and rollerblade. #NatureLover, #Citygirl #Health&Fitness

L. Irene Compadre


L. Irene Compadre is the founding principal of Arbolope Studio. Irene has a background in musical composition, architecture, sculpture and scenic art which help inspire her work. Irene holds a Master of Landscape Architecture degree with Honors and a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree from the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL). Irene is also adjunct faculty at WUSTL, teaching graduate level courses in Landscape Architecture, Architecture, and Urban Design. #Vegetarian #Latinx #Paisajista #ABetterWorld

Michael Powell

Director of Marketing & Public Art

Michael holds a BA from UC Santa Barbara and a MFA from the Sam Fox School of Design + Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis, where he continues to teach as a lecturer in communication design. Specializing in brand strategy, and graphic design, Michael works with the Arbolope team to craft brand content and marketing materials. He also leads both the design of environmental graphics and public art projects at the firm. Interested in authentic storytelling, Michael believes in the power of good design to shape a better future. #designthatreveals #stl #maker

Paul Maginnity

Landscape Designer

Paul is a graduate of the MLA program at The Ohio State University and earned his Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Davis. He also worked for five years in event facility management, obtaining a unique experience of design problem-solving and team collaboration. Paul is passionate about exploring the changing role of public spaces in society and how they can be developed into inclusive places while engaging opportunities for active civic interactions. #publicspace #designforall #diy

Soazig Friguel

Design Collaborator

An independent collaborator based in Lyon, France , Soazig obtained her Master degree in landscape architecture from the National Landscape Architecture School in Lille, France. With her background in Arts and Design, she has worked on a variety of landscape architecture, planning, urban design and play scape projects. She enjoys participating in various social, artistic and cultural projects to engage people, define their uses and draw their spaces. #SustainableLandscape #PublicSpacesForAll #Bike&Hike #HappyHour

Alisa Blatter

Landscape Designer

Alisa Blatter is a graduate of the Master of Landscape Architecture program at Washington University in St. Louis. Her experiences in planting design, wayfinding and signage, site research, and historic and cultural landscapes strongly underpin her work. She is passionate about inclusive design that cues people to an immersive connectivity with nature -- and thinks designing in three dimensions with living things is the best of all possible jobs. #watertruthing #mesocosms #nativeplants

Mack Yeager

Landscape Designer

Mack is a graduate of the Master of Landscape Architectureprogram at Kansas State University. With a background in international teaching, urban agriculture and art. She believes that a wide range of experiences help to inform empathetic and sensitive cultural landscapes. Having grown up in St. Louis, Mack is passionate about bringing high-quality, equitable design to the Midwest region. Outside of work, Mack enjoys rockclimbing, running, and inventing new ice cream flavors. #empathy #shapetheworld #urbanlife

Jin Huang

Landscape Designer

Jin has a great passion for resilient landscapes and is interested in exploring his ever deepening social responsibility as a landscape designer . He likes to say that "Life is hard, but fortunately I met the landscape." #Passion #Laughing #Anime Fans
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Chinh Pham

Landscape Designer

coming soon.
Arbolope Studio

An award-winning landscape architecture, urban design and art practice interested in creating innovative and impactful landscapes that contribute to making a happier, healthier and more inspired world.

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