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Throop Drive One-Way

St. Louis, MO

Washington University in St. Louis


Schultze + Grassov
Copenhagen, Denmark


Landscape Architecture
Campus Planning
Streetscape Design
Mobility Planning

About the Project

Transforming Throop Drive into a one-way corridor was originally conceived as an enabling work to reduce the vehicular congestion at Forest Park Parkway, Throop Drive and Hoyt Drive anticipated by the University’s East End Central Landscape project. The One-Way Throop Drive project takes advantage of the new attention to this former service roadway and conceives of a safer, more pleasant multi-modal corridor along the north side of campus.

The Throop Drive transformation begins with the incorporation of a continuous pedestrian walk and two-way bicycle path within the northern lane of the roadway, buffered from the one-way westbound vehicle lane. Follow guidelines from WUSTL’s Mobility Framework Plan, generous crosswalks, painted bicycle intersections, raised curbs at intersections, delineator post and reflectors within the pedestrian/bike buffer, reflective roadway striping, bike rumble strips at crosswalks, new roadway iconography and signage are used to clearly signal paths and mobility hierarchy for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Large areas of former parking and excess roadway are planted with low-maintenance grasses and ground-covers and continuous street trees provide abundant shade for pedestrians and cyclists. New nodes of activity along Throop Drive include a large bike hub, a picnic / gathering area, and a new auto-court and improved plaza at Knight Hall.