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4101 Laclede Amenity Deck

St. Louis, MO

4101 Laclede LLC


Trivers Associates
St. Louis, MO


Landscape Architecture
Green Roof / Amenity Deck

About the Project

4101 Laclede is an urban, mixed-use development located on the eastern edge of the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis. The building, sited at the intersection of Laclede Ave, a quiet residential street to the west and Sarah St, a more highly trafficked mixed-use corridor to the north and south, serves as a bridge programmatically and architecturally with the neighborhood.

The amenity deck, located on the second floor above street level retail, is a large communal outdoor area for residents that includes a swimming pool, jacuzzi, poolside seating, a fire pit, outdoor kitchens, large Cor-ten steel planters for trees and an activity lawn.

The plant palette for the Amenity Deck was selected to provide year round visual interest for those enjoining the deck in person or viewing the deck from units above.

Highly ornamental trees and ground covers provide bright colorful accents in spring and summer. Grasses along perimeter planters provide attractive color and texture through the year and provide privacy between the deck and adjacent private patio spaces. A Hornbeam tree hedge with a Liriope under-story around the north and western edges of the deck screens the deck from the adjacent property and alleyway, protects the deck from northern harsh winter winds and also provides a seasonally interesting, elegant backdrop for the deck.